Established in 1982, Contour Fine Tooling has grown to become the premier supplier of single crystal diamond tools around the world.  Our roots for working with diamond go back to the 1930’s, with the acquisition of Philips Diamond from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

It’s not just a tool, it’s a trade

Over the past 40 years, Contour Fine Tooling has earned a reputation for innovation, precision, quality and value for money in the field of single point diamond cutting tools. With our specialized machinery for manufacturing and highly skilled operators and technicians, we continuously improve the performance of our diamond tools.

With the acquisition of TechnoDiamant in 2008 we have extended our portfolio of diamond tools. Next to tools for the optical and precision engineering we extended into other areas of industries such as rotogravure and grinding. With its office in the Antwerp, the heart of the diamond industry, we have strong capabilities to source the best quality diamonds for our tools.

Anticipating market requirements and working with customers in both industry and academia, Contour Fine Tooling continuously innovates its machines, production and tools. In our application and testing center in Valkenswaard we can support your R&D efforts with specific tool-machine testing. We replicate the customers’ production process to provide a “proof-of-concept” machining setup for the customer component in question. A proof-of-concept machining setup provides component, machine, cutting tool and tool path details complemented with component measurement verification.

This way we want to support you in improving you bottom line!


At Contour we are always looking for talented people to help us realize our ambitions. The coming years we want to strengthen our position as world market leader in diamond precision tooling for contact lenses, eyewear and consumer electronics.

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Why you should choose Contour Fine Tooling

Long tool-life

Contour tools maximize the number of components per tool edge and number of relaps per tool.

Local service on a global basis

With Contour-managed production sites on every continent we minimize your relap/repair turn-around time.

Industry-leading tool accuracy

Contour tool radiuses achieve the highest radius tolerances for your cutting edge components.

Let us help you maximize your productivity with the best tool lifetimes and highest quality stones.