We help you make the most optimal connection between your process and machine with state-of the art diamond tooling. Our tools have the highest accuracy and tool life in the market and create the best finishes for your end-product. Take a look at our tools!

The tool range includes natural and synthetic monocrystalline diamond tools as well as polycrystalline diamond tools. We offer a range of holders of insert tools, shank tool, milling tools, flycutting tools, styli, bur-cutters and diamond anvils. Of course we can also custom make any diamond tool you need for your specific application.

Our holders

Turning inserts
Toolholder with insert
Solid shank
Haptic Milling
Ball nose end mill
Square shoulder end mill
Sliding Shoe

Service and support

Contour has established the ability to repair single crystal diamond tools at all of our (5) global sites. No matter where you are located in the world and even if you use a competitors diamond tools. Contour is there to serve you with fast, cost effective, tool repair service.

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Why you should choose Contour Fine Tooling

Long tool-life

Contour tools maximize the number of components per tool edge and number of relaps per tool.

Local service on a global basis

With Contour-managed production sites on every continent we minimize your relap/repair turn-around time.

Industry-leading tool accuracy

Contour tool radiuses achieve the highest radius tolerances for your cutting edge components.

We tailor-make your diamond tool for optimal fit with your machine tool, process and component quality requirement.