Diamond Anvils

We produce quality anvils for Universities and National Laboratories around the world. Virtually any design that you can imagine can be provided, including “custom” designs at affordable prices.

Type 1A and type 2A single crystal CVD diamonds are available.

Low fluorescence (LF) and Ultralow fluorescence (ULF) can be selected
Raman selected stones are verified by an outside national laboratory

Virtually all of the diamonds that we use are either low birefringence or ultralow birefringence. We classify birefringence by using a Berek Compensator. Value of <.0001 is considered “low” birefringence, and value <.00005 is deemed “ultralow” birefringence. Birefringence is measured after each cutting and polishing process to assure that the final product meets specified requirements.

We also provide single or double bevels, and tolerances can be held to within a few microns. Standard parallelism between culet and table is <0.1 degrees.

Let us help you maximize your productivity with the best tool lifetimes and highest quality stones.