Inserts to fit your toolholder interface and requirements of the cutting operation

We offer non-ISO standard cemented carbide inserts in a variety of shapes to fit your tool-holder interface and the requirements of the cutting operation. We offer single and double-hole designs, size variations, a variety of included angles and other parameters while making sure all our inserts meet the criteria for maximum diamond adhesion and insert durability. We source our cemented carbide from the highest quality suppliers and modify inserts as required in-house for short lead times and maximum specification accuracy. Please contact us for more information about special insert tools.

Fast Tool Servo Systems

Fast tool servo systems are used to produce non-symmetrical (non-axisymmetric) components. This means that as the component rotates the tool can change its depth within one rotation by moving in and out, sometimes many times within one cycle. In the contact lens market this is normally to produce torics which are used to correct astigmatism. In the electrooptic markets the opportunities are even wider; torics, parabolas , freeform optics and lenslet arrays are just a few examples. As the tool is moving rapidly within one rotation\cycle a critical factor is its mass. The heavier the tool the harder it is to move quickly and change direction. Contour has developed a range of tools and toolholders specifically for fast tool servo system. In the contact lens market a range of titanium toolholders and tool carriers have been developed and are used extensively to produce torics. In the electro-optic markets specialised low weight tooling has been developed to match all currently available fast tool systems. These include both titanium toolholders and ultra-light tool carriers.

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We tailor-make your diamond tool for optimal fit with your machine tool, process and component quality requirement.