We have developed application-oriented solutions covering the spectrum of ultra-precision manufacturing and optics. Read here more about the process of milling.

The process of milling

Milling is the most versatile cutting process in all of machining where the only limitation is most often the creativity of the CNC program. With the rotating tool and the fixed or slow-moving prismatic work piece almost any shape can be created. Milling with mono-crystalline diamond provides the best possible wear resistance in any non-ferrous material thus optimized tool life, minimizing tool change time and improved overall tool economy. Application area is wide, ranging from milling of haptics for intra-ocular lenses to milling of lens arrays preferably on air bearing spindle machines.

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Why you should choose Contour Fine Tooling

Long tool-life

Contour tools maximize the number of components per tool edge and number of relaps per tool. 

Local service on a global basis

With Contour-managed production sites on every continent we minimize your relap/repair turn-around time.

Industry-leading tool accuracy

Contour tool radiuses achieve the highest radius tolerances for your cutting edge components.

Let us help you maximize your productivity with the best tool lifetimes and highest quality stones.