ClubCFT is your own personal portal with information of your tool history, relap information, waviness certificates and technical documents.

Resource for tool management

ClubCFT is for customers to be used as a resource for tool management. It provides your specific tool history, it gives you acces to technical documents and allows you to enter special notes for tracking of process information.

Online technical reference, tool management system and trouble shooting guides.

ClubCFT is secure and password protected, so you can access and see only your information.

It provides:

  1. Visibility for your specific tool history, like...
  1. Answers to an array of frequently asked questions like...
  1. Gives you a link to technical documents like...
  1. The ability to export the tool history in to an excel spread sheet format for yearly volume or tool type analysis.
  2. Links to:
  1. Allows you to enter special notes for tracking of process information like the number of parts cut for any specific tool.
  2. Links to sites that you might find useful for your business.

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