We have developed diamond tooling solutions covering the spectrum of ultra-precision machining of electro optical components. Amongst applications are the machining of mobile phones lens molds, infra-red lenses, film drums and metal parts.

Mobile phones lens molds

One of the key product differentiation parameters and the subject of intense competition and rapid development of mobile devices is the camera lens resolution. The lens resolution and quality are a direct result of the quality and tolerances of the mold in which they are made. Contour is proud to offer diamond tools for cutting edge mold specifications working closely with the leading machine tool manufacturers to ensure machine interface fit and optimized match between tool and machining parameters.

Infra-red lenses and mirrors

The ever-increasing application areas of infra-red lenses is creating growing demands on lens specifications and in turn diamond turning tools specifications. The material range of infra red lenses is growing including some highly abrasive materials where only the most wear-resistant tool edges will generate a full pass over the component surface, needed to assure appropriate tolerances. For other materials high productivity and minimizing time spent on tool changes is needed. Contour is working closely to leading customers, material suppliers and machine tool builders to offer you the diamond tool specification optimized for your machining objectives.

Film Drums

Film Drums are used to fabricate large-scale micro-structured surfaces. Large drums are grooved with diamond tipped tools, these drums press the microstructures into a film and is the most economical and preferred manufacturing method for large quantities of similar output. To achieve drum quality it is preferred that the tool edge can maintain edge properties across the full drum length and in some processes also a full 2nd pass. Contour has been developing grades based on natural and synthetic diamond for maximum wear resistance and tool life and is a leading supplier of tools for the film drum industry.

Metal parts

Machining general metal parts with monocrystalline diamond tools, preferably with an air bearing spindle machine tool, provides you an unprecedented level of component dimensional accuracy and surface finish. With the rapid development of highly accurate special parts for e.g. the aviation, space, defense, or electronics industries this is an option for all general workshops to consider. Additional benefits of using the world’s most wear resistant material as a cutting tools is the long tool life in a wide range of metal applications and the ability to machine other extremely hard material such as nickel alloys or tungsten.

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